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My central mission is to inspire a client’s technical and conceptual landscape photography development through enthusiastic and professional mentoring. I have over 20 years landscape photography and 15 years qualified teaching experience to offer. This, coupled with many book and article publications, ensures that you can be confident of the best in technical and creative guidance.
My friendly, outgoing nature and deep love and respect for the environment should further ensure that you will be in the very best of hands!

Central Compistion

Flamborough: Seascape Photographic Workshop - SOLD OUT

This photographic workshop will cover some of the most dramatic scenery the North of England has to offer. Dependant on weather conditions and tides, we will be covering locations such as Thornwick Bay, Flamborough lighthouse and lots of beautiful views from the cliffs and sheltered bays... And when it comes to beautiful beaches the list goes on!

Central Compistion

Spurn Point Seascape Workshop - 23rd July 2016 - NEW

This photographic workshop will cover some of the most dramatic scenery the North of England has to offer. Dependant on weather conditions and the size of the swell, we will be covering locations such as the Humber Bridge with its dramatic iconic architecture, Spurn Point’s classic lighthouse, plenty of Groins and an abundance of beautiful sand dunes with flowing curves and wonderful grasses to keep you busy on the walk to the lighthouse.

Central Compistion

Ingleton Waterfalls Photographic Workshop - 17th September 2016 - NEW

This photographic walking workshop, will explore the picturesque Yorkshire Dales village of Ingleton. The walk will follow the famous waterfall walk through the spectacular autumnal woods, as a basis for this workshop. But we will make the opportunity to deviate slightly from the waterfalls, to visit the internationally renowned and compositionally dramatic, limestone pavements above Ingleton.

Central Compistion

Fountains Abbey Landscape Photography Workshop - - Sep 12th 2016 - NEW

In association with The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre, Harrogate

This event is designed as a therapeutic workshop for people enduring the troubling journey that a diagnosis of cancer can initiate. It is there to help participants use photography to inspire, learn, Immerse themselves in nature, meet others, have fun, laugh, develop strong friendships and help others.

Classic Malham

Malham: Yorkshire Dales Walking Workshop - SOLD OUT

This new photographic workshop will explore the rich photographic diversity in the centre of the beautiful Yorkshire dales. We will discover unique limestone pavements, spring woodland, Iconic photographic locations, stunning waterfalls, Garlic flowers, dramatic canyons, and when it comes to beautiful vistas, the list goes on!

Can Everybody Be An Artist

Northumberland One Day Seascape Workshop - SOLD OUT

This photographic workshop will cover some of the most dramatic scenery the North East of England has to offer. Dependant on weather conditions and tides, we will be covering locations such as Dunstanburgh Castle, Bamburgh Castle, and Holy Island... And when it comes to beautiful beaches the list goes on!


Yorkshire Dales - SOLD OUT

This photographic workshop will explore the rich photographic diversity in the centre of the beautiful Yorkshire dales. We will starting be exploring the dramatic Scaleber Force with its wonderful natural forms and amazing stepped cascading water. Then moving on to the world renowned Ribblehead Viaduct and then on to the limestone pavements surrounded by the three peeks.

Elephant in the Room

Whitby’s East Coast Workshop - SOLD OUT

This photographic workshop will cover some of the most dramatic scenery the North of England has to offer. We will be covering locations such as Whitby’s, historic old town, dramatic architectural harbours, beautiful beaches, Saltwick Bay , shipwrecks and the iconic Black Nab... the list goes on!


Photoshop for Photographers - SOLD OUT

Photoshop is the key image minipulation software for photographers, it has powerful tools to enhanse your work and ensure you finish your photograph off to perfection. This day workshop is broken up into demonstrations of the key tools and plenty of hands on practical work, which is desingned to cover many of the tasks you will need to prosess your work to a professional leavel.


Bio Video - What to Expect on a Workshop

This is a short video I made so you can get an idea about how I run workshops. It covers my creative background, my professional interests and mainly focusing on describing the way I can help you on a workshop. If you have any more questions about topics covered in the video please do contact me and I will be happy to help.

Tree Pavement

Workshop Philosophy

What You Will Learn: the workshop will concentrate on delivering the optimum environment for your individual learning. This is achieved by primarily concentrating on ‘in the field’ one to one tuition, but will use group work when appropriate to the individual's development. Group sizes are always kept small, (under five people depending on workshop) this ensures the very highest standard of tuition.

Pre-Location Planning: there will be a pre workshop questionnaire which will help me ascertain your particular learning styles; it will enable me to establish your abilities range and to stimulate your pre workshop development.

On location: based on my experience, I will condense the key elements particular to the location and seasonal conditions in order for you to learn how to get the best from the location. Our time in the field will ensure your develop what is needed for a deeper understanding and producing powerfully engaging and thoughtful images.


Typical topics covered: (Dependant on workshop participants needs)

• Effective and dynamic composition

• How to master manual

• What makes powerful shots

• Predicting the weather - light - tide

• How to develop inspiration and enthusiasm

• The importance of experimentation

• Useful camera techniques (on a one to one basis in order to differentiate skill level)

• Focusing - hyperfocal distance - live view

• Effective exposure, bracketing, histogram, f stops, exposure lengths

• Histogram and how to read it

• Filtration (long, mid exposure, polariser, Graduated ND usage)

• Constructive critiquing of clients work.

• Safety on location

You may find it helpful to bring along prints of your work (no bigger than A4) in order to receive constructive criticism and inspire friendly debate. This often happens during lunch. Thinking and evaluation is a major part of developing good emotive work that reaches the widest target audience.

Agonising Towards the Light_S

Off Location: It is critically important for learning to plan and consider the pre and post location evaluations. Great images develop from good ideas and for this reason we will place emphasis during the workshop on the planning and evaluation of your images. (Note: this is primarily reserved for weekend workshops due to time limitations).

Topics covered:

• Critical analysis and evaluation of your work (please bring along prints)

• Planning effectively for your desired vision

• Directed philosophical discussions (Moving past the cliché - simplicity - famous work / photographers – what is art)

• Photoshop techniques (Weekends only), (dependant on individual requirements) (blending Layer mask, Raw conversion, BW. curves, levels, sharpening, filters, noise, reduction, cloning)

• Tutors workflow demonstration

• Critique philosophy (how to apply to your work for effective personal development)

Post Workshop Feedback: after the workshop, I encourage you to join the online community (landscapeinspired Facebook Group) to reinforce and expand what has been learned. Post discussion topics give and receive critical feedback on work produced on location. Post articles, podcasts, tutorials that demonstrate inspirational learning.

Classic Malham

Workshop Report - Malham Spring 2016

I approached Malham earlier than I expected, so I stopped a few miles before and decided to make some images of a croft of trees you could see beside the road. As I was doing this a car pulls up and one of the workshop participants introduces herself. I encourage her to get her camera out and we start the day with an impromptu one to one!

Once we arrived in Malham and began our workshop, we immediately start to find lots of things to work. It takes us till lunch time to move into the garlic forest as there was just so much to see. Buttercup fields, fresh hawthorn blossom, beautiful wild flowers, flowing textures in the shaded crystal clear stream and that’s all in the first half a mile of the walk.

Anyway we continue to find interesting compositions and I try to share my time equally between the participants, but it’s becoming very difficult because the group is moving at different speeds up towards Janet’s Foss. Some are meandering, enjoying every moment getting lost in the now and others are equally enjoying the surroundings take every opportunity to drink in the just specular locations up the beautiful stream towards the waterfall. I must say the wild garlic was at its very best and I have not seen it so good in this location before! The abundance of green and subtle colours of spring foliage just was a pleasure for the eyes!

We ate our lunch at the waterfall and due to the very pleasant weather there were a few too many people out enjoying the location to make any significant period of time photographing it. So we moved on towards Gordale Scar. We were beginning to slip behind our schedule and with so many interesting locations still to visit we decided to speed up and slow down on our assent of the footpath towards the lime stone pavement. We eventually arrived on the top and quickly forgot the climb as we made some images of the iconic ash tree growing out of the pavement. I think this location impressed the group and compensated for the hill on this rather warm spring day. There were interesting skeletal formations, interesting mosses, uncoiling ferns, vibrant orchids and new sings of life appearing out of every grike.

On the way to the cove we encountered a baby fox! I attempted to get closer to it and as I did it disappeared down a hole, but as I looked where it had gone, it looked back up at me! What a pleasure to see its little eyes looking up at me before it disappeared to safety. I wondered if it would be tame, like the baby bluebird chick I once found that hadn’t developed its fear of humans as it perched on my finger. Anyway it wasn’t, but it didn’t have anything to be afraid of from me.

At the cove we spent some time with interesting compositions, again the skeletal formations were as interesting as always. We worked our way along and made several compositions. We were then treated to a display from the peregrine falcons, although they were not hunting pigeons like they did last year!

After a pleasant walk down and along to Malham we finished our day with a drink in the pub. Well outside the pub to be more accurate, because it was lovely and walk. We reflected upon the day and looked at some of the images we had made. I offered some feedback, but more importantly to end the day with a lovely group of people looking at images and reflecting upon what we had seen was a perfect ending.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply in respect of all workshop bookings and will form the basis of your contract with Jason Theaker. You agree to the rules and regulations by attending one of the workshops and filling out the pre workshop questionnaire document.

1. Every effort will be made to ensure the personal safety of all workshop participants, but bookings are accepted on the understanding that you appreciate the risks and hazards associated with this sort of activity. Jason Theaker will not accept responsibility for accidents, injury, carelessness, illness, negligence or lack of punctuality attributable to the workshop participant, unless this arises from the negligent from the workshop leader. You attend this workshop at your own risk to self and possessions.

2. Due to safety, all workshop participants must at all times agree to comply with the decisions taken by the leader of the workshop.

3. It is advisable that all workshop participants and their equipment be fully insured for the duration of the workshop. (Often credit card, breakdown companies, and work related policies already cover this, so it’s advisable to check). Workshop participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance, which should cover at least medical expenses, accidental injury, cancellation and curtailment.

4. Jason Theaker does not accept responsibility for any loss theft or damage of valuables, including camera equipment, during a workshop. Equipment stored in workshop leader’s transportation is done so at your own risk. You should be insured against loss of or damage to baggage and personal possessions including all your camera equipment.

5. In the unfortunate event of cancelation, every attempt will be made to substitute your place. If your place is re-filled then any money you have paid is fully refundable, minus your deposit and any PayPal fees. In the event of your place not being re-filled, it is advisable to take out insurance to militate against any losses.

6. Jason Theaker reserves the right to change the tour itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances and conditions. We will make alternative arrangements as required, but no refunds can reimburse for unutilised services.

7. Responsibility must be accepted for any equipment loaned to you, and you must agree to pay for any loss or damage caused to this equipment while in your care.

8. Please note, on rare occasions workshops may have to be rearranged or cancelled due to circumstances out of my control. If this happens, an alternative workshop will be offered, or a bespoke alternative will be arranged.

8. Jason Theaker isn't able to accept bookings from persons under 18 years old.

9. By filling out the pre workshop questionnaire document (and paying and attending the workshop), you are agreeing to accept these Terms and Conditions.