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Jason Theaker

Artist Statement

My fundamental ‘creative aim’ is to explore and experiment in an attempt to stimulate emotional engagement. Art in all its forms has the power enrich our experiences and offer the producer and consumer something new. I aim to produce work that, inspires, intrigues and even challenges our ways of seeing and thinking. My creative influences are drawn from an eclectic synthesis of past and present interests, but nature and social responsibility is central to all my creative endeavours.


My time is split between lecturing animation and photography. My ‘grown up job’ for the last ten years is to lecture computer animation and digital imaging at the University of Bradford. I also work as a freelance director and animator and am dipping my toe into research! My photographic endeavours centre around my training company ‘Landscape Inspired’ where for the last seven years I’ve been helping people learn improve their technical and conceptual skills. I can think of nothing more professionally rewarding than being able to catalyse inspiration in others and experiencing genuine develop. This is my main focus when teaching. I also do commissions, sell prints, cards, write for the photographic press, do talks and contribute to a few stock providers. My images have been published internationally and they have appeared in adverts, books, magazines, newspapers, greetings cards and calendars. I have also exhibited in venues throughout the UK.


I have been a professional artist for my entire adult life, first as a traditional model maker - sculptor - animator in children’s TV and then moving into teaching and directing. Photography has always been central to this journey and remained with me ever since I entered art collage nearly three decades ago. As you can see I like to remain open to the possibility that different mediums can enhance one’s ability to be creative. I like to be creative. I like to laugh and have interesting conversations about anything and everything. I like to think I’m open minded. I like to think and to watch other develop. I try to be funny and I like to adventure. In an attempt to keep this bio practical, (and readable) I wish to attempt to whittle down my interests into a handful of key words that describe my philosophy. Composition, colour, texture, character, movement, impact, environment and social equality.


I will be updating information about Camera club talks, Exhibitions, publications, and general information here.

Anyway I’m currently working on finishing this website with my fantastic fifteen year old son who is coding it from scratch!!! If you have time I would very much like your feedback.

I’m also writing an article for Amateur Photographer Magazine about breaking the rules. More about this when it’s published!

Oh and finally I was interviews about creativity recently by Digital Camera Magazine. Again more about this when it comes out (o: .

Bio Video

This is a short video I made so you can get an idea about how I run workshops. It covers my creative background, my professional interests and mainly focusing on describing the way I can help you on a workshop. If you have any more questions about topics covered in the video please do contact me and I will be happy to help.


You will find a small selection of my articles below. I’m currently working on several new ones that haven’t yet been published, but I will update this area when they are.
If you are a magazine or publisher I’m happy to discuss ideas for future publications, just contact me and we can discuss some ideas.

Winter Landscapes – Digital Camera

Winter Landscapes – Digital Camera

This article covers just how to capture dramatic winter landscapes.

Dawn’s Early Light – Amateur Photographer

Dawn’s Early Light – Amateur Photographer

Some tips and tricks on how to capture dawn light.

Forest Scenes – Amateur Photographer

Forest Scenes – Amateur Photographer

Forests are full of drama and this article shows you how to capture it. It deals with composition and some tips and tricks to capturing powerful light.

On Reflection Polarisers – Amateur Photographer

On Reflection Polarisers – Amateur Photographer

Some advice on what do polarisers do for landscape photography and how to use them creatively.