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Bolton Abbey Winter

Recommended Equipment

I use a Canon 5DII with several EF L lenses a secure carbon fibre tripod, polariser and I also have several batteries as I use live view regularly.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the latest kit, it is my believe a good image is made by a considered thinking photographer. Yes equipment is important, especially if you are working commercially, but a good camera and brilliant lenses will not make a good image on their own. The best images are made 6 inches behind the viewfinder! That said, you will need to bring a camera on a photography workshop (well I haven’t yet had a client who just came to think (o:)

Digging Back


Camera and spare batteries (ideally a SLR)
Sturdy Tripod (I have a couple spare if needed)
Memory Cards
Walking Boots or Wellies
Warm Waterproof Clothing
Packed Lunch

Optional (but will improve the day)

Selection of Lenses (ideally wide, medium and telephoto)
Neutral Density Graduated Filters (I use B+W 3, 6 and 10 stop)
Prints for Critiques (over lunch, coffee)
Several Spare Batteries
Camera Manual

Anything else?

If there is a question you still need answering, please email so that I can make sure everything is clear before you attend the course.